Saturday, April 22

The Ridiculous PEI Blogger Controversy

To understand what I am going to talk about down below check out:

CBC’s idiotically written article on the matter. What is up with Gary MacDougall’s grammar by the way? "Of course, that's exactly what it does, it hides behind nobody knows who it is, where it's coming from." Um……what? I just wrote and then backspaced over a PEI education joke but you can make it in your head. And CBC puts this Shakespearean-caliber quote in the sidebar! Priceless.

A Google cache of the offending blog and offending blog #2

This (keep in mind…. hosted on the website of this guy’s business, a very publicly visible ISP although I hear they kind of suck.)

Then this……………………..

Then this.

And if the Guardian wasn’t so web un-savvy they would allow you to read their articles online and you wouldn’t have to squint at (don’t bother clicking after today) this. So go buy a paper (or pick through the trash after today) if you have less-than-superhuman vision.

All caught up? OK, can you believe this? I moved to PEI last year, and shit like this is exactly why I am now making plans to get the hell off. Bunch of busybodies…….

This Kevin guy is one thing, using his business to stage a manhunt, but check out the Guardian. They are WAY out of line to print a "news article" about themselves and how they and ‘ol Kev want to know the identity of the blogger. To me, that amounts to running a front page wanted ad under the guise of real news.

And!! And!!!! Fucking CBC ran the story also! At least they didn’t print the blog names and point their finger so……..pointedly.

Kevin's claim that the gossip among Islanders will be punishment enough? Sadly, he is probably correct. How sad and boring is life here that someone’s crappy blog can cause such a big hub-ub? Prettyyyyy, prettyyyyyy, prettyyyyy, prettyyyyy……sad and boring.

If I had already moved the fuck off-island I could relate some personal accounts of the way people here behave and why that will likely be the demise of the province. But I am still living here and would rather not be somehow identified as “anti-PEI”. Heaven forefend!

Please leave your comments or send private correspondence via email.

-Kid Charlemagne


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